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In the UK, you can buy this from pharmacies without a prescription. Use it carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

A freezing aerosol is now available from pharmacies. Cover the verruca with a piece of the tape for 6 days. Remove the tape after the 6 days, soak your foot in luke-warm water, and gently scrape off any dead cells with a blunt instrument (not a sharp knife or corn knife). It is difficult to know whether these are effective, because most have not been fully investigated in scientific trials.

Before applying the plaster, soak your foot and use pumice to rub some of the wart away.

Put a piece of wide adhesive bandage over the plaster to make sure it stays in position. If salicylic acid does not work, you can try a silver nitrate pencil.

I have read no end of articles and tried numerous remedies in that time (freezing, Bazucca, Thuja, Revitol, tea tree oil, sallicylic acid and so on).