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It’s hard to translate her sarcasm, tone and comic timing on the written page and for that I apologize, because she is truly the funniest porn star I have ever interviewed. I was one of the annoying people who stop you in the mall and say, “Got a minute?

The best thing I found out about Audrey, is that she can make you laugh so hard you cry, or pee, or both. I was one of the girls, except I wouldn’t approach anyone to try the lotion.

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It was so fast from there that there was no turning back. Once when I was on a Vivid set they were playing a movie that I had done previously and I was like, okay I still have to shoot my scene, so you guys better turn that off or I’m going to go to the bathroom, but it will really be the bathroom at my house!

Not saying that I would have, but literally I went to his office, went to go test at AIM and as soon as my test came back I started shooting.

If there was someone that would let me I would be totally all over it.

Or I would give you my eyes.” And I think, there’s no need.

Audrey a travaillé pour plusieurs grandes productions, comme Brazzers, Penthouse, entre autres.