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On the show she has performed alongside musical heavy weights Justin Bieber and Ne-Yo making her an instant You Tube sensation.With an uncanny mix of girl-next-door sweetness and magnetic charisma a this rising star is poised to become one of the brightest newcomers in Hollywood.Aside from my musical career, I would love to be on “Glee,” “True Blood,” and a number of other shows, as well as an animated movie.

BSCkids was lucky enough to speak with Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer who plays Kiki on “The Fresh Beat Band” recently.

We speak about her time on the show, her music, and what she has planned for the future.

For example, some kids and their parents recognize you immediately, and because they see you everyday on their TV at home, they are so excited to see you and say hi. What do you think “The Fresh Beat Band” show teaches kids?

Then there are those kids that can’t quite process that you are real and actually standing before them, so they freeze and it is so cute. He is one of the most awesome, talented and genuine people I have ever met. “The Fresh Beat Band” teaches kids about music appreciation and how to express their feelings and emotions through movement, song and instrumental music.

Ryland was also a series regular in a current Nickelodeon show, The Fresh Beat Band. Ryland is known to post frequently on his Snapchat (wylinryland).